How to bounce back fast

from a bad performance so

you can slay the next one...

A bad performance

doesn't have to ruin

your competition

Watch this training to learn how to get over mistakes quickly.

Hi there,

I'm Amber Haider

As an amateur ballroom dancer myself, I understand the issues that come up for dancers…

…the pressures of competing, and the desire to make the most of my ballroom experience.

I also really like to WIN!

In fact, I won my first Championship at my first comp after only dancing 3 months! Placing 1st at the Ohio Star Ball 3 times has been a major dream come true as well!

It might seem like it’s easy for me, but I am not any more special than you! But I have the missing ingredient you need to 10x your success.

As a Life Coach by vocation, I have the tools to cut through the mental garbage that is holding you back so that you can maximize your potential.

Using my own tools, I have been able to skyrocket my own skills, learn faster, lessen the pressure, win more and have tons more fun.

I can show you the way.

Watch the training and learn the strategies to bounce back quickly and not let a bad performance infect the next. This training will be just the start of giving you the mental advantage to compete better and win more!

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