Wow! Look at you, you

Resilient Optimist!

Your positive self-talk and emotional regulation skills are commendable, but you may struggle with motivation and goal setting. You maintain a growth mindset in the face of challenges, which is a great strength.

Focus on setting more specific and measurable goals to guide your dance practice and further enhance your resilience. Be sure to choose goals that stretch you but don’t overstress you. Let your positive self talk help get you through the challenging moments.

So many people have a punishing

self critic But somehow you

seem to manage more self

compassion than most.

However, it can be hard to stay motivated sometimes if we are letting ourselves off the hook or avoiding setting concrete goals. Some people avoid setting goals because it creates stress for them or they fear the disappointment of not meeting them.

The dance journey is great for bringing up our challenges and giving up the opportunity to work through them. I wonder what we would be capable of if we just had a little support–a little accountability–and a professional to help us actually achieve what we might only dream of. 

Mental Strength Coaching is the perfect pairing with competitive ballroom dancing. Having someone to show us where we are holding ourselves back, not living up to our potential, and then be able to actually show us HOW to effect change is priceless! It might seem like a silly thing to have a mindset coach for your dance passion, but we know the truth…high performers always have a team that helps them achieve their goals.

No one actually does it alone.

You don’t have

to either.

I’d recommend a free Dance Strategy Call to see if coaching is right for you. It’s free, it’s over zoom (oh so convenient!) and will offer you a strategy or two to address whatever challenges you are facing in your dancing (or keep facing again and again and can’t seem to get past). You get to try out coaching and I get to help uplevel your dancing in a short amount of time!