the top 2 hang-ups

that are hurting you in competition

Watch this video to discover the top two hangups that are hurting you in competition so you can compete better and win more.

Hi there,

I'm Amber Haider

As an pro/am ballroom dancer myself, I understand the issues that come up for dancers…

…the pressures of competing, and the desire to make the most of my ballroom experience. 

I also really like to WIN! 

In fact, I have been a champion many times over the years, including 5 wins at the Ohio Star Ball in my first 4 years! 

It might seem like it’s somehow easier for me, but I am not any more special than you! But I have the missing ingredients you need to 10x your success.

As a Performance Coach by vocation, I have the tools to cut through the mental garbage that is holding you back so that you can maximize your potential. 

Using my own tools, I have been able to skyrocket my own skills, learn faster, lessen the pressure, win more and have tons more fun. 

I can show you the way. 

Watch the video and learn the strategies to give you the mental advantage to compete better and win more!