No one can stick with it like you!

What a Tenacious Striver!

Your motivation and goal-setting abilities are impressive, but you may struggle with self-doubt and anxiety. Despite these challenges, you continue to push through difficult times and maintain focus on your goals.

Work on improving your emotional regulation and self-talk to become even more resilient in your dance practices. Learn how to calm yourself and lower your stress and pressure, especially by taming your inner critic and enjoying yourself more.

Dance sure has a way

of our self-doubt

and anxieties.

We know we need to work on these things but how on earth do we do that? How can we just feel different? Uncomfortable emotions don’t have to be feared. We can learn to diffuse, learn from and then even use them to our advantage. 

Improving your relationship with yourself and how you talk to yourself is a simple place to start. Undoing years of negative self talk and learning how to manage your emotional state is not an easy job. It’s best to get support in changing your patterns.

Just imagine a world where you can calm yourself down, feel empowered and in control and on top of your emotions. Not only minimizing self doubt but actually feeling confident! Being a cheerleader in your own head instead of a punishing critic and motivating yourself with goals you actually believe you are capable of achieving. Not only would you feel better but your dancing would improve exponentially! I’ve seen it over and over again. 

Get the support you need to

build resilience and uplevel

your dancing!

I highly recommend you try Mental Strength Coaching to get the support you need to build resilience and uplevel your dancing! A Dance Strategy zoom call is simple, free and fun. We can talk through your current challenges in a safe, private environment, and you get strategies you can put to work right away to change things for the better. Plus, you get to try our coaching with no strings attached!