You are not alone,

Vulnerable Struggler!

Your passion for dance is evident, but you may struggle with self-doubt, anxiety, and negative self-talk. Additionally, you may lack motivation and struggle to set and achieve goals. Seek support and guidance to build your mental and emotional resilience, and remember to prioritize self-care and self-compassion as you continue to pursue your love for dance. 

Find more joy and take the pressure off of doing things perfectly. Remember it is all for fun and there is no reason to use your passion against yourself!

Support is paramount to your

dance journey! 

Dance brings up all your baggage, but you are brave to stick with it! But good news, there is no need to keep struggling. It need not always feel hard, anxious and vulnerable! With just a few tools and a shift in perspective, you can feel empowered, in control, and dance with abandon. It’s true!

Come on a free Dance Strategy call where I can give you strategies to turn this around for you. You get immediate help, a chance to see if coaching is the right move for you, and get to leave the call feeling like you are in the driver’s seat of your dancing. You’ll feel hopeful and empowered for maybe the first time in your dance journey! Don’t wait for another competition to come and go with another disappointing result.