Ep. 52: A Dance Chat with Forrest Vance

Photo of Forrest Vance

My first interview! Yay! I’m thrilled to bring you this chat with Forrest Vance, an icon in the Ballroom Dancesport industry.

Forrest Vance is a highly accomplished dancer, teacher, coach, consultant, choreographer, and adjudicator with a career spanning over four decades. He holds all levels of certification and examinations in American and International styles in multiple dance instruction organizations like FADS, NDCA and more. His extensive experience in the industry has made him a valuable resource for top professionals, prom-am and amateur couples.

Forrest’s impressive dance career includes numerous championships in American Rhythm and  Latin categories, including five-time undefeated USA American Rhythm Champion, Fred Astaire seven-time American Rhythm Champion and 2 time international Latin Champion. 4 time Canadian American Rhythm Champion, and many others. He has also been recognized with several awards, including the 2010 Hanlon Ford Award and the 2012 Professional Hall of Fame Award.

Apart from his dance career, Forrest is the successful producer of “Not Strictly Ballroom” instructional dance videos in Ballroom, Latin, and Country Dancing, and organizes and hosts The People’s Choice Dancesport Competition in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In this episode, we talk about his history in the industry, what he likes most about it, and the importance of staying positive in your dance journey.

People’s Choice Dancesport Competition

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