The most heart-breaking

words to come from

a dancer's mouth:

I don’t know if it’s

worth it anymore.

I know a dancer is really suffering when they utter these words. They used to love it, but somehow they end up on the verge of quitting. And I get it.

You might relate if

Perhaps the worst part is you might not believe you can turn this around. You might think you’ve come too far, seen too much, and tried all the things only to be disappointed again.

But I know

I can help you

People will wonder what

your secret is

When I ask dancers why they started in the first place, they all say, “Because I love it.” This is where we will begin.

Because when you love it, you want to do it more, and when you do it more, you get better. And then you get excited about your progress and feel motivated.

All you need are a few more tools to manage your mind and emotions, and your confidence and enjoyment will skyrocket…and then…success will follow. It happens every time.

When we work together, you’re going to have more fun, but you’re also going to get better, faster, and stronger! You will feel confident on the dancefloor, bounce back from mistakes like they never even happened, and use results as tools to fuel your progress rather than be undone by them. People will see you dance and ask, “What is going on with you?! Your dancing is better than ever!”

You don’t have time

to mess around

Let’s fast-track your results

Just like you hire a personal trainer to get you fast, focused results, hiring a coach does the same.

You are smart. You know that the best athletes and high performers build a team around them to get them the results that they want. There are things you can’t see yourself doing, and coaches and mentors see the holes and know how to fix them. When you are left to your own devices, you can still possibly figure that out, but it would take YEARS!

As your coach,

I have a plan for you

Working with dancers has helped me fine tune what areas will give us the most bang for your buck. We’ll work together on four main areas to make you a strong, resilient, confident dancer in a short amount of time. They are:

Confidence. This is inner work. This involves improving your self-talk and building self belief while crushing self doubt. We eliminate things like comparison that erode your confidence. We also make sure you are maximizing your preparation, practice, and lessons.

Motivation. Staying motivated is important for you to be a skilled dancer. I teach you how to create passion, keep it fun, and set goals that keep you moving forward. You learn to celebrate success, learn from failure, and bounce back quickly rather than get stuck in self-pity. You’ll stop beating yourself up and grow faster than ever.

Emotional Regulation. You have to learn how to manage your emotions better. You can be excited when you want to be excited, reduce stress and pressure, learn how to limit anxiety, and keep yourself calm and focused. We also learn how to process emotions like disappointment, frustration, and sadness and get over getting difficult feedback. Criticism or correction won’t send you into a shame spiral, so you can apply your coaching with little to no drama that slows you down.

Concentration. What you focus on matters. I teach you how to keep your focus on what is really relevant. We let other people (and what they think!) go so we can focus on the tasks and skills we need to succeed. Outside forces won’t cause you to become distracted. You will know what to do and how to do it, and you won’t be pulled off course. Even getting bumped or making a mistake won’t derail you. This is mental toughness and you will cultivate it.

Squeeze all

the success you can

out of your efforts

All of this work will lead to unstoppable confidence and bulletproof resilience. You will be able to bounce back quickly from setbacks, learn and progress faster, be more effective in lessons and practices, experience more success and competitions and most importantly, have a ballroom life full of accomplishments, beautiful relationships and joyful dancing! And it won’t take as long as you think.

I work with my ballroom clients for just months…and it turns everything around. One client had only 6 weeks of sessions and it’s like a switch flipped in her brain and her success took off! If you’re like me, you spend way too much time, energy and MONEY on this passion of yours to mess around! Make the most of your investment by clearing out the mental roadblocks, dumping self-doubt, sharpening your focus and blowing the competition away!

I bet we are

a perfect fit

Private coaching isn’t for everyone, and not everyone is ready to make the changes needed to really be successful in ballroom dance.

Private coaching isn’t for everyone, and not everyone is ready to make the changes needed to really be successful in ballroom dance.

To know if coaching is right for you, and if we are a good fit, I recommend a tester session of sorts. You just book a free Dance Strategy Call and bring your 1-2 challenges. I’ll give you strategies for each one that you can put into practice right away. No strings attached. If they blow your mind like I know they will, we can talk about working together more in that call as well.

Just click the button below to reserve a slot on my calendar, look for the confirmation email for the Zoom link, and then show up as you are. It’s going to be so much fun!!

I’m worried this will turn into a sales pitch.

Ew, gross. Never. I’m here to help. If you want more help after the call I can tell you about how that works, but only at your request. This call is free, no strings attached and no pressure. We meet, we chat, I give you some answers, and you can be on your merry way if you wish! And then we’ll catch up at a comp and hug and cry like besties. Unless you think that’s weird.

I’m not sure what I want help with yet.

No worries! You don’t have to be prepared for the call ahead of time. I’m an expert at helping you get to the bottom of what’s bothering you. I’ve got you and I’ll take good care of you! I’ve worked with tons of ballroom dancers and have lots of places we can start. Just show up and I’ll do the rest!