Ep. 57: How to Stop Being So Negative

“Why am I so negative all the time?!”

Ever noticed how you are being negative about your negativity? This episode addresses negativity so you can make peace with it, get over it, and move on with an intentional, more forward moving mindset.

The stages you might go through as you work on this are the following:

Stage 1: Unintentional or unconscious negativity–You get swept up in it and it carries you away. You don’t even notice it has happened. But you probably feel drained a lot of the time. You are your negativity are ONE.

Stage 2: Aware but judgmental–You see it. You become aware of your negativity, but then you judge yourself for it. You wish you didn’t do it. You blame circumstances for it. Notice how you’re still negative? Your just aware AND negative.

Stage 3: Non-judgmental Awareness– You notice it but stop judging it. You might feel curious about it. You are more an observer of it. You stop resisting it but you don’t indulge it either. No getting carried away. More neutral feeling.

Stage 4: Intentional Thinking–This is where you decide intentionally how to respond. You get to decide who you want to be, how you want to think, feel and act in the situation. You will still experience negativity, but it won’t be driving the car. You will be in control of it more of the time.

Listen in for real world examples of what it looks like to put this into practice.

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