Ep. 72. Hook Up Your Future Self

You may not realize that you have a past, present and future self. Your past self makes plans, then your present self carries them out (or not) and then your future self gets to enjoy the results. At least, it’s really interesting to think about it this way.

Consider that if all three are in alignment, you get a lot of results! But somehow, that’s not how it works out. We often look back with regret with what our past self did or didn’t do. When our past self doesn’t eat the sugar, we get to lose weight. Wahoo!! But when our past self doesn’t do what we planned, we are stuck without the great result and sometimes left with a crappy one.

The truth is there is only PRESENT you. Present you carries everything out. Present self is the key to everything. Every thing you plan out hinges on present self actually doing it when the time comes.

And present self is very subject to the primitive brain which very much prefers what is easiest and most comfortable, and has an immediate reward. They key to getting results is training the present self to use their prefrontal cortex to override the primitive brain more of the time in favor of what we want most for what we want now.

To unwind this, I give you three tools to consider.

Get conscious.

Tell the truth.

Hook up your future self.

Listen in to the episode to learn how to apply this in real time so you can get what you want more of the time…without sacrificing fun and enjoyment along the way.

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