Ep. 75 Partnerless

It can be super hard to cope without a ballroom dance partner. Afterall, this is partner dancing. We don’t really want to do it alone!

In this episode I give you some ideas on how to cope, but taking any of those actions is going to be 10x harder if we are doing it from a defeated mindset. So first things first, be mindful (pun intended) of your perspective. The thoughts you think are largely responsible for the experience you are having rather that the situation itself. Thinking “my progress is stalled,” “I can’t do what I planned anymore,” “I’m getting behind,” is all going to create discouragement, hopelessness and powerlessness. Makes sense, but also don’t want to get stuck here.

So try on some more useful thoughts, which I offer toward the end of this episode. But in terms of actions, here’s a quick rundown of things you can do to help you stay motivated and plugged-in until you have a partner again.

  1. Stay involved in the community
  2. Keep setting goals
  3. Keep learning
  4. Let it be light and fun

Your progress has always been up to you. There is still a lot you CAN DO. You are not behind and somehow this is all happening in your favor. No matter what, you are becoming a better, stronger dancer through this process and taking personal ownership over your dancing will make you an even more effective partner!

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