Ep. 92 Mental Rehearsal

Some people call it mental rehearsal, some visualization and others envisioning. Whatever you call it, high performers know it is a powerful tool to increase your level of preparation and even your skills.

Since the brain doesn’t distinguish between someone happening in real life or if it’s imagined, it’s your chance to program your mind and body for what you want to execute. In this episode, we talk about what it is but also tips on how to make it more powerful. Then I give an example of what it might look like.

The main tips shared are the following:

1. You are in complete control–the director, nothing happens unless you approve it, if it goes awry, call “Cut” and start again

2. Make it positive–everything will go well and as planned.

3. Take your time–use pauses to fill in more details to make it more real.

4. Include all your senses-see, hear, smell, touch, taste

5. Include genuine emotion–rehearse your emotions like any other sense.

6. Use the first person or internal perspective–look out your own eyes rather than watching yourself from a distance.

Many of the tips in this episode are based on guidance in the book The Confident Mind by Nate Zinsser found HERE

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