Ep. 94 Life Skills: The 50/50

While we all know that life is sometimes not fair and we will all face a certain amount of struggle and negativity, we will act confused when we actually go through it. We say things like, “Why is this happening to me? What is going on? What is going wrong?”

The reality is that life is what I call, 50/50. It’s good and bad, hard and easy, fun and not fun, etc. Everything has it’s opposite and duality is a fact of life. When we resist what is and think that the negative things shouldn’t happen, we actually increase the percentage of negativity that we experience.

Your are actually the one giving meaning to your experiences and deeming them negative or positive in the first place. If we can learn that hard things are a part of life, and not resist them, the power they have over us decreases. If can then take it a step further and even embrace the hard things that happen and learn from them, believing that everything that happens in our life is for our good, we actually can increase the positive percent.

The 50/50 is what makes life what it is. It’s what makes us human. My recommendation is that you embrace it instead of fight it. In this episode I give an example from my most recent competition to illustrate the 50/50.

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