“I just want to get out of my head!”

You don’t work this hard just to have your head drama sabotage you when it counts most!

I get it. You work hard on your ballroom technique. You take lessons. You practice on your own. You meet with other coaches. You do bootcamps and workshops and zoom classes. Then you spend money on dresses, shoes, makeup, hair, competition fees and get ready to compete. And then you get there and the stress starts to ratchet up. The pressure to deliver on all your preparation is real. Any little mistake can derail you and send you into a mental tailspin. But it doesn’t have to.

Not every dancer

has the exact same issues to focus on.

If you’ve ever tripped up at a competition and struggled to recover for your next round, I’ve got you. If you’ve ever had bad results at a competition and thought you should quit because you’re clearly terrible, I’ve got you. If you’ve ever compared yourself to other dancers and let it psych you out, I’ve got you. If you’ve ever thought more about your body image than your actual dancing, I’ve got you. If you’ve ever lost sleep over disappointing your coach, I’ve got you.

You see, managing your head game starts long before you step onto the competition floor. We start training your head game so that it is an ingrained part of you. You won’t have to call it up at competition, because you will carry it with you. All you need to do to get started is schedule a free zoom call.

There is no need to prepare for the call ahead of time. Just come as you are. I’ll have you tell me what you want to accomplish and what you see as your obstacles. I’ll listen carefully for what holds you back and consider what tools will work best in your situation and make a plan. Not every dancer has the exact same issues to focus on, so a this call is the best way for me to make a custom plan just for you. Whether or not we work together moving forward, this call will provide new insight to direct your next steps in improving your head game. You will feel grounded, empowered and focused all in just 30-45 min.

All you have to do is click below to book a consult. Choose a time that works for you, and meet me on zoom at that time. I’ll take it from there.

This nerdy engineer never imagined she would shimmy into a rhinestone-embedded dress and take to the ballroom dance floor. SO out of my comfort zone! Despite my determination, I have hurdles – emotional, mental, physical – to tackle. Amber has helped me to remember that most of my stress comes, not from the circumstances of life, but from the way I respond to those circumstances. Thank you, Amber, for your kind and wise coaching to help me navigate my journey on the dance floor!


When I started ballroom dance, I was sure I would be successful. I had no idea how much practice and technique and mental challenge are involved! I find that I am really nervous at competitions. All I can think about is my inexperience. Amber gave me the best advice: “Decide ahead of time how you will feel after competing.” At my most recent competition, I decided I would feel proud. Instead of being anxious, I relaxed and enjoyed myself. I was and am proud of myself. It really made a difference.


I started ballroom dancing at age 68 with no experience except a love of dance. I enjoyed the process of learning but suffered unhealthy stress when competing. My pro suggested I talk to Amber. My time with her was invaluable in my dance life and beyond, and led to changes that have positively impacted my dancing and life in general. I danced in the Seattle Star Ball in October with minimum stress! I actually had fun and felt a huge accomplishment in my dance journey.



do I start?

Will I have to endure

a heavy sales pitch?

Absolutely not. I hate that. A consult is free and you don’t have to fear a heavy sales pitch. I’m just here to get you some immediate help and see if we want to work together more beyond the consult. I actually think consults are super fun!

Will your coaching conflict

with my current coach’s instruction?

As a mental strength coach, I get to focus on your mind and let your dance and technique coaches focus on your dancing. Nothing we work through will be in conflict with what they teach you. We are a great complement to each other, and teachers love it when they can have help with the head game so they can focus more on the technique!

What if I’m not sure

what I want help with?

Not to worry, I’ve got you. You don’t have to come prepared in any way to the consult. But to give you some ideas, frequently discussed topics include: performance anxiety, self doubt and lack of confidence, body image, perfectionism, negative self-talk, jealousy, worrying what other people think, comparison, struggling to let go of setbacks, worry over disappointing your coach, imposter syndrome, etc.

It’s time to


Isn’t it time you took your dancing to the next level? Your head is what’s in the way and I can help. The fastest way to overcome your head drama is to schedule a strategy call. It’s free, it’s fun, and we can skip right to addressing the specific obstacles to YOUR ballroom success. You’ve got nothing to lose!