Ep 10. Decision Making

Making decisions is a powerful skill you need to change your life in short order. It’s the quickest way to get unstuck. In this episode, we talk about the problems with being indecisive, why we don’t make decisions, and why we should get better at this starting today!

Problems with being indecisive:
–energy suck
–give brain power to the back and forth instead of action
–open-ended to do list of decisions to be made
–keeps you stuck, no forward momentum

You’ll know if you’re in indecision
–I don’t know statements, I don’t know if I should…
–Not moving forward, feel stuck

Why don’t we make decisions?
–We think there is a right or wrong decision (morally?)
–Don’t want to do “wrong” or make a mistake
–Don’t want to feel negative emotion
–Making the decision will require we actually take action, which is risky
–Want to skip trial and error

Brain secrets:
Confusion and indecision are a smoke screen
Brain wants you to stay the same and stay safe
Motivational Triad: Seek pleasure, Avoid pain, Conserve Energy

–free up mental energy
–give you momentum
–Get you unstuck
–Live consciously
–Tell you what you need to know

What to do??
1. Pick a decision
2. Write it down
3. Make the decision
4. Make the decision right
5. Prove it to yourself

It’s time to

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