Ep 16. Interference

If all you needed was talent and training to execute your highest performance, we would all be wildly successful. But something is getting in the way. That something being us. We create interference. 
In this episode, we explore two categories of interference, internal and external. Internal is initiated from us, and external involves other people and other things outside of us. 
Internal interference includes things like self-doubt, fear, anxiety, guilt, hesitation, self-pity, over-thinking, toxic perfectionism, impatience, indecision, criticism, and victim mentality. Most of these are emotions that we create ourselves with our thinking and mindset.
External interference includes things like comparison, mind-reading, unsupportive spouses, studio drama, people-pleasing, what other people think, including teachers, other dances, coaches and judges, and using competition outcomes against ourselves. These serve as distractions and derail us from our productive path. In the end, they are also internal as we use them to create an emotional state that affects us like the internal interferences we discussed earlier. 
For now, I want you to first identify your pet interferences and notice how they affect your dancing. Secondly, your job is to dis-identify with them. They are not an inherent, unchangeable part of you. If you believe that, you will never be able to overcome them. 
In future episodes I’ll tell you what to do about it. But for now, figure out what yours are, see how they affect you, and start to disentangle yourself from them.





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