Ep 21. What to do with Interference

In this follow up to podcast episode #16 Interference, we discuss what to do about the interference you experience in your dancing.
In episode 16 we introduced being aware of what interferences are a problem for you, how they affect your life and how you show up, and began dis-identifying, or de-personalizing, with them.
In this episode, we discuss what to do next.
Step one–Awareness–Become aware of what interferences are a problem for you and how they affect your dancing.
Step two–Commitment– Assess your commitment level. Do you really want to change this?
Step three–Belief–Assess your belief level. Do you think you can actually change these things?
Step four–Be willing to be wrong. In order to change it, you have to be willing to let go of what you believe now and be wrong about yourself and how this works for you.
Step five– Decide who you want to be. You show up in certain ways now, but to show up differently, decide intentionally what you want that to look like instead.
Step six– Begin living into the new you. If you want to approach it differently, you’ve got to approach it differently.
We start in the small moments and have a ton of patience and compassion as we start transitioning into the future version of us. Know that when you start to unlearn old patterns and relearn new ones, there will be a transition pattern where you go back and forth. Sometimes you will still default to old interferences–feel self doubt, anxiety, fear, indulge in comparison and worry what people think. Nothing has gone wrong. You aren’t doomed. Just try again the next time. Just like when you are learning new techniques in dance, sometimes you will get the new figures, and sometimes you won’t and for a while you will get them inconsistently before they start manifesting most of the time. Just keep working on it. Focus on living into the person you WANT to BE rather than focusing on what is or has been. You’ve got this!


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