Ep 23. You are the Creator of your Experience

This is the first in a series of mindset basics that apply to everyone.
The first concept/tool I want to offer is that what you think isn’t true. We all think that our thoughts are just true. But they are not inherently true. Two people can experience the same facts and come to different conclusions entirely. Each person would think their version is the truth. And it is. To them.
Thoughts are not facts.
Facts are facts. Everyone would agree that the facts are facts. There would be no dispute. The temperature being 99 degree F is the fact. Whether or not it is a hot day is not a fact, but a thought. 99 degree F is not hot to some people.
This matters because the thoughts that we think will create our experience and therefore our reality. What you think, you believe and then go on to create. You might think you have no choice in the matter, but you do. While your brain will offer you many, many thoughts in a day, you can direct your mind, choose thoughts intentionally, and choose to create a new reality for yourself.
Key concepts in this podcast are:
Thoughts are not facts
Thoughts are not inherently true
Facts are neutral
Brains think in stories
Your stories will feel true and valid
Your stories are not necessarily helpful
It doesn’t matter if your story is true, it matters more that it is useful or not useful to the result you want to create
We don’t want to create an incesssantly positive experience
Negative emotion is necessary and useful and we will sometimes choose it
Circumstances do not create your experience, you do
Things will happen, facts will exist, what you do with them is what matters to you



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