Hate it or change it.

Some of my clients have jobs that they don’t like. Some of my clients have spouses that they don’t like. Some of my clients have bodies that they don’t like. We probably all have things in our life that we don’t like because our brains are super good at identifying those types of things.  

Now, the “easy” thing would be to just change the thing you don’t like. You can get a new job. You can get a new spouse. You can change your body. In my world, we call that changing the circumstances. And if you can do it, and want to do it, I have no problem with it. 

But sometimes we can’t or don’t want to change the circumstances. We can always CHANGE the circumstances, but sometimes we choose to stay in them. And when we choose to stay in them, we now have a new choice.

We can choose to hate where we are and keep focusing on how much we dislike it, or we can change us so that we think about it differently. We can definitely change our mindset about our jobs, spouses and bodies. Additionally, we can even change the environment around us. Imagine that! What if changing your mindset about it could literally influence the environment so that it changes around you? I’ve seen it.  

Did you even realize you had this kind of influence? You do. Everyone has influence. It’s just that they strongest energies in the environment are the ones that tend to effect the rest. We tend to mirror each other and energies become contagious.  

What energy are you offering? Are you contagious in a good way or in a bad way? Or are you hiding your energy and not allowing your influence to be the strongest energy in the room?  

What if you saw your circumstances differently and approached it from this vantage point? What if instead of just being a victim to whatever circumstance befall you, you empowered yourself to be the change you want to see?  

Others may not come along with you, but some people will. What you put out into the world will attract similar energy. People who don’t match your influence will start to fall out, quit or leave. People who do will find their way into your orbit. I’ve seen it time and time again.  

Where are you abiding circumstances in your life that you could actually be the one that changes everything?

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