Let Me Give You Wings

A coworker asked me yesterday to explain what I do as a coach. They wanted to know what I actually DO to help people. I answered them, but it got me thinking more and more about it. Here’s the bottom line.

As a coach, I brainwash you into believing you can be and do anything that you want in this life.

I’m not trying to be funny with this, although I am funny. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know who you are.

I want you to know how infinitely valuable you are…already.

I want to show you that you don’t need to do one more thing or change in anyway to be enough.

You are complete, and whole, and wonderful to behold.


You don’t have to lack something to want it. You don’t have to see yourself as flawed or deficient or broken to work on yourself and your life.

Whatever you want to have, or whoever you want to be, you CAN DO IT. You can have it.

Not because it will make you better.

Not because you aren’t enough until you have it.

But because you are already WORTHY of all the best things in life. You are already DESERVING of whatever you desire for yourself.

You are just living far below your potential. You are just slow to ask or dream or move, because you think you might not get it–because deep down you doubt you deserve it. And dreaming and then not getting would be disappointing. So you just don’t allow yourself to dream it up.

But this is my job. To show you your worthiness. To show you your deservedness. To help you remove your barriers.

To help you drop resistance to you being enough.

To help you dream again.

To help you imagine your unique, wonderful, fulfilling life and then get your back on the way there.

To remind you all along the way that you CAN have it. That you CAN do it.

Every time your old BRAIN patterns get in the way, I’m there to keep you on your path until you build the strength to do it for yourself.

And then I get to release you. I get to watch you fly. It’s why I wear wings on my necklace, and wings hang on my office wall. Because I live to see my clients feel free enough to go after their best life.

Please don’t wait another minute to CHOOSE YOU.

It’s time to

Level Up!

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