We Are All Delusional

I knew this girl who legit hated herself.

She could not come up with one redeeming quality about herself, of which there were many. She just wouldn’t admit or acknowledge them.

People would compliment her, and she would think, “You don’t know me.”

Their view of her didn’t match the view of herself, so her mind rejected it.

I asked what the danger was in loving herself, liking herself even.

“That’s prideful. Bragging. I can’t be prideful.”

So loving yourself is bad, and hating yourself is…good? Righteous? Noble?

No. Just no.

What you believe about yourself is a story you made up. What someone else believes about you is a story they made up. Your story is as much a delusion as the other persons story.

You can make up whatever story you want.

Why would you choose all the negative things…shortcomings, mistakes, faults…and decide that’s who you are? Those parts of your story are not weighted heavier than the good parts. They don’t cancel each other out. There is no list and your bad side is longer and so you are worthless.

It’s 50/50. We are all a mix of a bunch of things. That’s called being human.

Hating yourself? Beating yourself up? Punishing yourself?


Just no.

It’s not as useful as you think.
There is no upside to that.

Tell a new story. The one about how human you are and how equally amazing and awesome that is! Everything is awesome! (You just sang that, didn’t you?!)

Go and be awesome, my friends!

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