Taking care of your family

means taking care of you too!

Taking care of your family

means taking care of

you too!

Does this

sound familiar?

“Why can’t I just say no?! I’m always doing everything for everybody, and nobody is looking out for me. I’m so tired. Can’t they see I’m already so busy that I’m stressed and burnt-out? If I could just stand up for myself, I could stop saying yes just because someone asks something of me.

”But let’s be honest. I can’t really do that because I’m just too afraid of how they will react. Plus it’s rude to say no. It’s better to keep the peace. Ugh! No! I can’t keep doing this! I’m just stuck doing things I don’t want to do. What do I even want to do? I don’t even know anymore. I miss who I used to be before I had a husband and kids. I can’t believe I think that! I’m so selfish.”

People pleasing can be

a never-ending cycle.

Take care of others, neglect yourself, try to take care of you, feel guilty and selfish, overcompensate by being what other people want you to be. Rinse and repeat.

Except it feels terrible for you! You need someone to show you the way out of the cycle.

If you:

Then my Mom on Fire program is the way to power and confidence!

My 12 week program

teaches you:

1-on-1 Coaching


Change isn’t easy, especially if you are going it alone. You don’t have to do this on your own. With me in your corner, I can get you to where you want to be. I believe in 1-on-1 coaching because we can address your SPECIFIC needs in just a few months.

Let’s begin with a mini session via Zoom video conferencing. Don’t be afraid of the technology! Zoom is pretty easy to use, and allows us to meet from wherever and however you are. You can be at home on a computer, or on the run on a mobile device. You can wear whatever you want and come as you are!

A mini session

is fun!

We don’t need to go deep and you don’t need to prepare ahead of time. You get to have a certified coach take a look at what is going on in that mind of yours, we look forward to where you want to be in your life, and then plan how to get there. Whether or not we work together in the future, you get to walk away with your personalized plan and tips and tricks to implement it right away!
Lastly, we get a chance to see if we work well together, and if my program is right for you. NO PRESSURE! It’s free and it’s only 30 minutes.


What do you have

to lose?

Click on the button below to schedule, pick a time, and just show up. I’ll do the rest! I’ve got you, girlfriend!

What if I don’t believe

I can change?

Who you are now is the result of your past experiences, training, upbringing, and a mess of societal messages. But none of that is permanent, and change is ALWAYS available. Now if you don’t believe in yourself, that’s where I come in! You aren’t in this alone. I will craft a specific plan for you and we will work it together. So long as you are all in, you WILL get the results you desire. You future self will thank for you taking a chance on yourself!

How can I know if it is

worth the money?

As a mom, I know how it is to prioritize spending. Kids and families have lots of needs. The truth is that we always can find the money we want for things. I’m guessing what you really aren’t sure about is if it’s worth it to spend the money on YOU! If you are like most of my clients, they are uncomfortable spending money on themselves.

Investing in yourself is totally worth it! You are worth it! People spend money all the time on their careers, their continuing education, classes, courses and self-improvement, without batting an eye. The growth and change that you will experience will DEFINITELY benefit not only you, but your family! Because a happy mom is a great mom!

I should check with

my spouse first.

I, too, would check with my spouse before making certain purchases. But I also am pretty certain when I really need something for ME.

What do you think your spouse will say? Are you uncomfortable if you do things you know he/she won’t agree with? Why or why not? If you feel strongly about something you need for yourself, are you able to move forward even if he/she doesn’t agree? My program is the perfect avenue to work through the discomfort of being in disagreement with your spouse on any front. But I’m sure they want the best for you and will support your needs! You do so much for the family!

Remember, a mini session is free

and you will walk away with immediate help either way!

and you will walk away with
immediate help either way!