Your Body Knows

Today I over-ate. It felt like crap.

It seems like it will be fun once in a while. Until you feel full and bloated, kinda sick and kinda sleepy.

Have you also noticed that the “joy” from food is really short-lived?

I don’t know the reasons I stuffed my face today. I’ll consider that. But it was a good lesson and reminder that MY body doesn’t like it.

I get really overwhelmed sometimes by all the “healthy” recommendations that surround us all the time.

So in moments like today, I try to remind myself that my body knows best, and it will tell me what it needs. I just got good at ignoring it for a while.

But if I listen, I know how to take care of it.

Here’s what I’ve learned lately:

My muscles really like to work. Hard.
Exercise is a reward for my body, not a punishment for overeating.
Milk makes me bloated and gives me headaches.
Red colored candy make me feel sick if I eat more than a few.
I really need more recovery time between workouts than I used to. Rest is useful.
If I stay up late too many days in a row, I’ll get a migraine.
If I eat carbs right before bed, I wake up with a stomach ache.
My body likes oatmeal. It just does.

So many more.

You’ll learn so much more about what your body wants and needs if you listen to it rather than outside sources. Pay a little closer attention. Use a little trial and error and see what happens. Adjust.

Whatever you do, take care of that body! Love it! It houses your mind and your soul. They are all interconnected. It’s worth taking care of!

You’re worth taking care of.

Let me show you how to listen to your body and love it!

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