Curate a life.

Do you ever feel overrun? 

Overrun with stuff. 

Overrun with activities. 

Overrun with people. 

Overrun with responsibilities.

Overrun with ideas.

Overrun with information.

One definition of overrun is “the movement or extension of something beyond an allotted or particular position or space.”

It’s too much for too long. 

I find myself lately noticing my excess. I was thinking I needed more storage in my bathroom. But as I looked around, I realized I have a lot of storage space. I just have too much stuff. 

I’m just one person. How many creams and lotions (spoken like Nacho Libre) does one girl need? There are hair products, makeup, skincare regimens, toiletries that I don’t really use. They just sit there. Taking up space. Taking up space beyond an allotted time. 

If I’m being really honest, I don’t use them anymore. I tried them and maybe they worked, maybe they didn’t. Maybe I liked them, maybe I didn’t. So if I don’t use them, and I don’t need them, why keep them around? What does it mean if I throw them away?

Here’s some thoughts and beliefs that come up:

I spent money on them, so I should keep them. Especially if they were expensive.

It’s wasteful to throw something away that still has use.

What if I need them later?

Throwing them away means I made a bad choice in buying them.

Maybe someone else could use them. Except they are open and used, so probably not.

Throwing them away is bad for the environment. 

Here’s some other thoughts that come up when I talk back to myself:

It’s expensive on your energy to look at all the clutter.

It’s wasteful of your brain power to think about managing all your stuff.

If you really need something, you can get it anytime. 

You made a choice when you bought them. It wasn’t good or bad. Now you know you don’t want to use the product. So it was a useful choice. 

Giving your excess to someone else makes you feel better because then you think it wasn’t a waste. But you can just think that now, and not make it someone else’s problem. 

Throwing them away will actually improve your immediate environment. They are going to be thrown away eventually. Just more spaced out in time. 

So I’m throwing away some stuff today. I don’t feel great about it, but I know it’s okay. Sometimes the right choice doesn’t feel great. 

I know it’s just bathroom clutter. But It’s a lesson for my life. I want a CURATED life. I’m working on making sure everything I have in my life is CHOSEN. It’s selected. This world we live in is very overrun with…everything, and it seeps into our lives if we aren’t paying attention. So many things have overstayed their welcome. They have overstayed “beyond an allotted or particular position or space.” 

But I can choose to believe that they are complete now. They have served their purpose. 

Not everything we buy should be kept. Not every relationship will last forever. Not every activity that we sign up for has to be completed. Not everything others want us to do has to be accepted or continued. Not everything we read on the internet has to be believed, or even brought into our mind to make us crazy. 

We don’t have to be overrun. We can be intentional. Curate your life.

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