So if I want a gift, I have to get it myself??

How was your brain on Mother’s Day? You read that right. Not how was your Mother’s Day, but how was your brain on Mother’s Day? It was your brain, your thinking, that determined how it all turned out for you.

Here’s a sample of how my brain behaved yesterday.

I don’t personally have strong feelings about Mother’s Day one way or the other. But a funny thing happened this morning.

My husband asked if I was going to run to the church to pick up the gift they were handing out, and this popped into my head:

“So if I want a gift, I have to go get it myself?”

WHOA!! Where did that come from?

I certainly didn’t choose that thought, but thankfully, I saw it for what it was. Just a thought.

When I believe everything my brain offers to me I often end up miserable. So I got curious. If I judge the thought or deny it or try to shut it down, I lose access to any insight. So I got curious.

I dug a little more and it revealed a Mother’s Day belief I didn’t realize I had.

“I shouldn’t have to do anything on Mother’s Day.”

I don’t know where I picked it up, but this thought has messed me up so many times!

Because if I believe this, and then I have to do ANYTHING on Mother’s Day, I feel resentment.

-Don’t they get it?
-Can’t I have one day where I don’t have to do everything for everyone?
-I shouldn’t have to ask for (fill in the blank).
-Everyone else is relaxing and I’m still working around here.
-I never get a day off.

(Notice the extremes? Brains love extremes like always, never, everyone, everything.)

I wasn’t aware of this belief. And I don’t actually want it because I can see that it’s going to create a lot of disappointment for me. So now I can let it go.

Now…if I WANT a Mother’s Day where I don’t have to do anything, I will be sure to tell all parties involved that that is my plan. Then they don’t have to guess what I want and I don’t have to feel resentment about their lack of mind-reading ability.

Brains do funny things. They are tricky. Surprisingly, they don’t always have our best interest at heart, so we can’t believe everything they offer us.

I’m so grateful for learning how to spot the thoughts that serve me and those that don’t. It’s on-going work. I do it every day. My life is so much better for it. Especially on a day like today. I’m happy to show you the way whenever you’re ready.

Let’s jump on a mini-session and I’ll show you the way.

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