What if the way isn’t the way?

The handle in my shower was constantly getting loose. I would take the little plastic cover off and tighten the screw about once every 8 weeks. So annoying, right? I thought maybe it was just stripped and would have to be replaced eventually.

If I delayed too long, it would get so loose that it would slip into a different position. I couldn’t allow that because that meant that the handle started and stopped in a completely different position. So I couldn’t predict as well where I wanted the handle to be for the perfect temperature.

But then one day I let the handle stay in the new position and tightened the screw right there. Wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t get loose after that. But that meant that I had to get used to this new positioning. Off was in a different place and my perfect temperature was in a different place. I got used to it really fast. In fact, I can’t even remember what the old position was.

I thought I knew how to fix it. I thought I knew the right way. It was the way I had always tried to fix it. And it did work. For a little bit. I didn’t clue in that maybe the way I thought was the way to fix it was wrong all along.

So it is with so many things that we do. But think about it. Are you trying to change? Are you trying to get a result and continually not getting it? Are you trying to fix a relationship and it’s not actually working? Are you trying to lose weight and you aren’t actually getting the result you want?

Ask yourself, and be honest: IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING WORKING?
Are you willing to consider the idea that you might be wrong about the way?

It seems like the way to lose weight is to be unhappy with your current body. Right? Don’t we have to be unhappy with it to be motivated to change it? But is it working?

It seems like the way to be a better parent is to remind yourself that you aren’t very good at all. Right? If you show yourself how you are falling short as a mom, then you will get better. But is it working?

What if to get real results, we have to be willing to try a new way? What if the way to be happier in any area, isn’t to be unhappy first?

What if the way to lose weight is to love your body as it is?
What if the way to a happier marriage is to be happy with it as it is?
What if the way to being a good mom is to appreciate who you are as a mom now?

I’m just saying…if we aren’t getting the results we want, and we keep trying the same old ways, maybe it’s time to try it a different way. Maybe it’s not working because what we think is the way isn’t the way. Maybe the way isn’t in what you are doing, but in how you are thinking.

What if that were true? What area would you like to try a new way? If you aren’t sure what that could even look like, schedule a free consult! We can do a brief life intake and make a plan. https://amberhaider.as.me/

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