Women Glow Differently

Women glow differently when they are treated right and loved properly.

This quote was probably meant to inspire people (men) to love their women a little better. That can’t hurt.

But I also want it to inspire you to treat yourself right and love yourself properly.

I want you to remember, and access, your Father in Heaven who treats you right and loves you properly. Always.

How are you loving and treating yourself?
How are you talking to yourself?
What tone do you use when you talk to yourself?
Do you put your arm around yourself and ask, “What’s going on for you, hun?”
How much grace are extending to yourself?
How much compassion?
Do you like you?
Do you like spending time with you?
Or do you try to escape yourself because of the way you are treating YOU?
Are you tired of being in your own head?

Judging, criticizing, beating yourself up, withholding love…it’s dimming your light.

If you’re not glowing, if your light is dim, what can you do to turn it up?

Love yourself a little better than you did yesterday.

You can do it.

I promise there is no danger in generous helpings of love.

It’s time to

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