You Can Change Anything

I used to believe that I COULD NOT get up early to exercise. It was just too hard. I preferred to stay up late, and that meant I couldn’t get up early. Right?

I was able to go during the REASONABLE morning hours like 9-10, so why go earlier anyway?

Then I had a change in my schedule, and if I wanted to keep meeting with my personal trainer, I would have to go at 6 am. That would be my only option.

Oof. I mean, 5 would be WAY worse, but 6 is still early!

So I had a decision to make. I wanted to keep lifting.

I decided I would become the kind of person who gets up early to workout. At least 2 days per week anyway.

It was kind of hard at first, but not as hard as I made it out to be. Here is the key…

Don’t debate with yourself every time the alarm goes off.
Don’t tell yourself you stayed up late, so you need your rest.
Don’t believe all the lies your brain will offer you in this very vulnerable moment.

Just do it.

When you commit to something, make it mean that it is as good as done. Keep your word to yourself. Don’t require yourself to reconsider the decision every. single. time. Wouldn’t you know it, when I decided I COULD be the kind of person to get up early to workout, I was able to start doing it.

Now I believe it and I have lots of evidence that I can do it. Even if I stay up too late.

I changed.

At any time, you can change anything about yourself. You only need to make the decision, AND MEAN IT.

That, my friend, is where all your personal power lies.

It’s time to

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I'm Amber,

I’m Amber, a wife and a mother of 4 crazy kids, and I freaking love life. As a stay-at-home-mom, it wasn’t always this way for me. But I found the way back to myself. Now I can’t wait to show you how to feel like a Mom on Fire!