4 Key Steps to Tame Your Nerves and Dance Your Best

Embracing the Dance Journey: Navigating Nervousness and Self-Regulation

Hey there, dance enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into one of the juiciest aspects of the mental game in dancing: emotional regulation. In Episode 87 of the Ballroom State of Mind Podcast, our fearless host, Amber Haider, shares a treasure trove of insights on how to tame those pesky nerves and conquer the dance floor like a boss. Curious to discover the four steps to mastering emotional regulation? Buckle up and let’s take a leap into the world of dance mindset mastery!

Getting to Grips with Nervous System Regulation
Ever found yourself in a sweaty-palmed, nerve-wracking dance scenario where you felt like your brain took a vacation, leaving you frantically searching for your choreography? Amber explains the concept of nervous system dysregulation and how it can throw us off balance when stress levels skyrocket. But fear not, for there are ways to reel in the runaway train of emotions when the pressure cooker starts hissing.

Step 1: Are You Safe?
So, Amber’s first piece of advice is to establish safety by hitting the pause button and asking yourself, “Am I really in danger?” Spoiler alert: probably not. Even in the intense realm of dance competitions, the physical surroundings are designed to keep us safe. But hold on, feeling safe is a whole different ball game, especially when you’re about to waltz into a vulnerability minefield. Recognizing this mismatch is the first step to reclaiming your emotional balance.

Step 2: Do You FEEL Safe?
Time to face the music (pun intended!), because while you might BE safe, you might not FEEL safe. Being vulnerable is as much a part of dance as perfecting those killer spins. Amber encourages dancers to embrace and acknowledge their feelings of unease, exposure, and the fear of being judged. By acknowledging these emotions, we can start to tip the scales back in our favor and dance with a newfound sense of composure.

Step 3: Unmasking the Trigger
“Why am I feeling this way?” asks Amber. It’s like putting a detective hat on and sleuthing your way to the root of your frazzled nerves. Maybe it’s the fear of judgment or the anxiety of trying out new, untested moves. By excavating these triggers, you gain the keys to unlock the door to emotional equilibrium. This step is all about validating why you were triggered. Of course you feel vulnerable! Of course you feel unsure, anxious and stressed! This situation is not normal. Whatever alarm your brain is sounding, you need to give it it’s air-time.

Step 4: Take a Load Off
Now the fun part – actively shaking off the tension! Amber suggests a little body scan to identify the spots that are clinging onto stress for dear life. A few deep breaths and a conscious effort to relax those tense muscles can work wonders in bringing your emotional rollercoaster to a screeching halt. Often trying to do breath work and breath the tension away, before doing the safety and validation work, can lead to it not working as we expect.

Quick and Dirty Shortcut (and a dose of Courage!)
In case you’re thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for all this in the heat of the moment,” fear not! Amber shares a nifty shortcut – a simple self-reassurance mantra like “I am safe” can be your trusty sidekick when nerves come a-knocking. Plus, a sprinkle of courage can be a game-changer. Remember, it’s okay to admit when something feels like a towering mountain, but it’s also a chance to morph into a stress-conquering dance ninja.

Wrapping it Up
And there you have it, folks! The secret sauce to taming those wild nerves lies in these four steps. By embracing this approach and fine-tuning the art of emotional regulation, you’re one step closer to dancing through life with a stoic, unshakeable resolve. Want to gush about your emotional regulation wins or swap tales of dance floor conquests? Join the Joyful Ballroom Facebook group for a juicy convo. And hey, don’t be shy – schedule a free dance strategy call with Amber and level up your dance journey. Keep grooving, and remember – your dance moves are the stuff of legend!

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