Don’t Dig up the Past, Just Lay New Pipes

I used this illustration 4 times this week so I think it’s a good one to share. I first heard it from Abraham Hicks on a podcast. It’s about a water feature. Here’s how I remember it. This water feature had a collection pond at the bottom, which had a pump that moved the water through some pipes in the ground back up to the top of the water feature.

The water in the pond had become quite cloudy and dirty. In and effort to clean the pond, they tried to change the water, the filters, have the pump checked, and even tried altering the chemistry of the water itself. But the pond was still cloudy.

Finally someone suggested that maybe it was the pipes in the ground that returned the water to the top of the feature. Because the pipes were underground, they wouldn’t be able to check them without digging up the whole system. Or would they?

They decided to lay new pipes on the ground and then run the water through it to see if that solved it, without having to dig up the old pipes. Sure enough, the water cleared up after running the water through the new pipes.

So many of my clients come to me and tell me about their old beliefs. They tell me the reason they can’t move on is because of things that have happened in the past, or because this is just how they feel and feel powerless to change it. They think they need to find the reason that they are this way. They think they need to go back and dig up the old pipes to find the problem.

But we don’t necessarily have to do that. We can often just work on laying new pipes. We don’t have to root out old beliefs and dig up the past to create a new result. We can instead focus on building the new. Build the new beliefs. Focus on where you want to go rather than where you are now. Practice being who you want to be in the future rather than continuing to relive who you have been in the past.

Don’t dig up the old pipes. Lay new ones.

I can show you how.

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